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Gender and Development

The 2022 National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) endeavors to highlight the gains achieved for women and girls, assess actions towards gender equality and look forward to steps that must be taken to ensure progress in empowering women. With the country still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, studies and data show that the health crisis stalled movements towards gender equality, worsening inequalities, further exposing gender gaps, and exacerbating vulnerabilities in social and political, and economic aspects.

Hence, in this observance, the PCW calls on government agencies and stakeholders to celebrate the gains and be proactive in preventing backsliding from what we have achieved in gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE). It also serves as an opportune time to give Juanas the power to lay down the blueprint for future leaders regarding essential gender issues that demand immediate attention and solution. This Women’s Month, Juanas take center stage – standing up for their rights, challenging stereotypes, breaking barriers, and serving as pioneers of change. This year, the nation recognizes women’s valuable role in society and proves that inclusive and sustainable development is only possible when gender equality becomes obtainable.

Violence against women (VAW) is a grave violation of women’s rights and fundamental freedoms. It manifests deep-seated discrimination and gender inequality and continues to be one of the country’s perennial social problems. The National Demographic Health Survey 2017, released by the Philippine Statistics Authority, showed that 1 in 4 Filipino women, aged 15-49, has experienced physical, emotional or sexual violence from their husband or partner.   While the global estimates by the World Health Organization indicate that about 1 in 3 women (35%) worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence from intimate partner or non-partner in their lifetime.

The United Nations define VAW as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or likely to result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.” Violence and the threats of violence can be experienced by every woman of any age, skin color, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, economic, and social status.


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Men and Women equally contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable and responsible Philippine Mining Industry by creating wealth, ensuring healthy and progressive communities, and consequently enhancing our overall social, environmental and economic development for inclusive growth.

Equitably provide access to greater opportunities to all sectors by advocating and promoting men and women’s rights, environmental governance and stewardship, mainstreaming gender and development in all levels of our mining operations and mining-related activities, plans, programs and projects.


1) Increased participation of all men and women especially the marginalized sectors in the mining communities through efficient and effective community organization, decision making processes and consultations;

2) Enhanced gender and development mainstreaming at PMDC, which will contribute to achieving gender equality and women empowerment in the mining industry;

3) Increased equal access to men and women through a more sustainable and responsible wealth creation from mining and mining-related business ventures and investments;

4) Achieved gender fair and a balanced workplace environment by promoting equal access to employment opportunities, industry training and capacity development.